About Cricket Crack

About Cricket Crack

“We feed it to just about everything
to help insure that our stock is as healthy as possible.”

 Tiki Tiki Reptiles 



Cricket Crack
® is a PREMIUM gut load suitable for all reptiles. It contains over 20 different ingredients purposefully mixed to create a superior food for your insects.

Be warned though, it’s called Cricket Crack ® for a reason. Feed to your insects at night and come morning-time they will have a stomach full of goodness that your animals will thank you for. You may also use it as a salad topping for your vegetable eating pets.





  Now Available


Due to demand we have added a large 5lb breeder’s bag of Cricket Crack


Breeder’s Bag

Sometimes 1lb is just not enough, and placing several orders the cost can add up. We understand this and have herd your requests; we are happy to announce that we now offer a 5lb breeders bag saving you both time and money!.

Super Chow!

 Born of the same family as Cricket Crack we are very happy to now offer Super Chow! Super Chow was developed to change your plane ol’ typically unhealthy super worms into a super nutritious feeder! Super Chow is dryer and much coarser than Cricket Crack and is meant to act as bedding or bedding additive for your super worms. Why use things like oatmeal or commercial pet food to feed your worms? Don’t forget, you are what you eat! And when your bugs eat Super Chow and Cricket Crack they are transformed into health food with legs! Try out gut-load, your reptiles will thank you.